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USA Modeling  - A Directory of 51 websites dedicated to modeling and photography within the United States of America.  If you're an American model or photographer, this is a great resource for promoting your work and finding others within the modeling and photography industry to network with.  The forums are especially useful for models or photographers who travel from state to state as there is a section within each of the modeling forums to announce your travel plans.

Both models and photographers are able to add their portfolios online for free.  Having your portfolio online is a great way to promote yourself and gain more exposure to increase your modeling or photography experience as well as finding paid modeling work and paid model jobs.

Canadian Modeling - A directory of Canadian modeling sites for models and photographers from 10 major Provinces in Canada.  The Canadian modeling sites have all of the same features as the ones for the USA.


Whether you are a model or a photographer from either the US or Canada, you will find that the benefits of both modeling directories is something you will find useful. There really is nothing to lose as all of the modeling websites services are entirely free, you will never be charged for anything.

Sample Model Portfolios from different US states and Canadian Provinces will be added here in the upcoming months to feature the best models on the Internet.




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